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Human Resource Development Consultancy and Services
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Career Guidance

           Career Guidance can help you identify the most suitable careers based on both your professional aspirations and your personal goals.¬† You must be able to achieve an ideal work-life balance in a suitable career and career coaching can help you focus on those .

How to Plan Your Career?

Choosing a career is a difficult matter, in the best of times. Add to this opinions of friends and parents, and the young person is caught up in a confusing situation where making a decision is almost impossible. We give here a model that can help young people to choose a career, gain competencies required for it, make decisions, set goals and take action. The decision for each individual is different, since everyone is a distinct individual. Choosing a career is a multi-step process. It involves gathering information on a number of things, the first being yourself.


The first step, involves gathering information about you. You should develop an understanding of yourself, including your values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits and desired life style. You must also become aware of the relationship between self and occupational choice.

Career counseling:

A career is something that we are going to be associated with throughout our lives. The choice of the right career is one of the most crucial mile stone in our life. There are many instances even academically brilliant students have failed in their life due to their improper & inappropriate career choices. Seeking the help of a professional Career counselor will enable you certainly to make certain objective decisions.

Career Seminars:

The career seminars consist of the following topics:
A. Career Planning.
B. Psychometric Assessments.
C. Various Career options available.
Please email your resumes to mentioning the post applied for.

STUDY SKILLS (Academic problems):

Aggressiveness, Shyness, Stealing and Lying, Disruptive behaviour.
Temper tantrums, Anger, Fear, Depression, Suicidal tendencies.

NOTE: All Counseling sessions are 100% confidential & strictly by appointment only.
For appointments and assistance please Call us 095009-12135 or Mail us:

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