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Human Resource Development Consultancy and Services
Space For Empowerment
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Psychological Counseling


           Helping people Cope, make important and every day decision, and adjust to the stresses and stains of life though interpersonal dialogue and a variety of treatment therapies is the domain of our counseling.

Career Counseling:

           Education: advised (Student / Parents) Specialization cut of marks, present and future opportunities in job and personal growth and etc..

Personal Counseling:

        One to One– Interpersonal , emotional, stresses and etc...

Marital Counseling:

         For Couples Struggling in difficult relationship and also pre-marital counseling for those who are to enter marriage life and etc..

Counseling Topics:

       Tension results in high blood pressure, which in turn effects the functioning of the heart and other various body parts. This is often followed by other health problems such as vertigo, headaches and dizziness. The symptoms are checked by medical procedures but the causes are put to an end by our magical or rather more aptly psychological methodology.
       To fight against the diverse fear and fearful factors. This is a difficult area to be healed, but we make use of our capable professional team, who make use of different method to take care of the individual phobia faced by our clients. While some are faced by the fear of heights and water, others are feared of strangers and falling.
       People suffer from the fear of loneliness, where they often feel being ignored, unloved or Disregarded by surrounding people and also scare the intrusion of strangers or loud noises. The fear so termed as auto phobia. We adopt a friendly approach to tackle the clients who face such loneliness and take good care of them, trying to offer them the most apt solution Is loneliness therapy.

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