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Human Resource Development Consultancy and Services
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Psychological Counseling

Counseling Topics:

        Financial problems lead to various disorders such as lack of confidence, sleep and even lead to the development of a social phobia. Hence all these issues are taken care of in the best way we are able to. We undertake the necessary measures to provide treatment for such angst ridden individuals.
       Depression is a type of mental disorder that affects a person’s mood.It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and overall health.It’s normal to respond to losses in ones life with sadness and gloom.But when these feelings block a person from perform their everyday activities or are out of line with the reality of a persons life, they are symptoms of a 'depressive disorder' .
        Unemployment is such a problem that we cannot eliminate with our efforts but then we try our best to increase up their level of confidence. We try to provide our clients with a suitable treatment for such problem through various cheering programs and psychotherapy sessions. This facilitates them to face the challenges in the field of career choice and employment opportunities.
The consultaion charge is Rs. 300 only 
Online Counseling Through Mail:
charge is Rs. 300 only per Transaction (Can be paid by Online Money Transfer)
Standardization of Psychological Tool in Tamil:
Charges vary according to the variable, number of items and other aspects.

Our Philosophy 

  • The charges are for the professional time spent and not for the professional services. We do service as service.
  • No hidden charges!
  • For Service based organizations (NGOs & CBOs), charges are negotiable.
  • Charges are subject to change in every financial year-will be intimated in advance to the clients.