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Human Resource Development Consultancy and Services
Space For Empowerment
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Psychometric Assessments


Study Skills
       In the face of seemingly insurmountable pressures and frustrations parents and teachers are sometimes unable to guide their children/ students effectively. As the students enter high school there is mounting pressure to perform well in studies. But, the students are at a loss to meet this sudden increase in expectation, due to lack of adequate study skills.
Personality Test
       Personality may be defined as the sum total of characteristic pattern of thinking. Feeling and behaving that constitute the individual’s distinctive method of relating of the environment. Personality types was assessed by using the Myers and Briggs type indicator by Myers and Briggs.
Quality Of Work
       As workers are becoming more and more educated, skilled, affluent and unionized, the dysfunctional consequences of work are becoming less and less acceptable. It is no longer possible to design jobs solely according to the needs of technology completely overlooking the needs of workers.
The Big Five Locator
       Instruments based on individual trait theory tend to be cumbersome and to take a long time to complete and score. The Big Five Locator is a quick and easy to use instrument designed to be used by a consultant or trainer with a willing client who desires a quick assessment of his or her individual traits. It also can be used to assess team traits.
Self Awareness
       One pre-condition for personal effectiveness is better self-awareness. However, just understanding one’s self does not make a person effective.
Thrust one Schedule
       Information about a person’s interests, likes or preferences foe different kinds of activities may be obtained in a variety of different ways. Probably the most direct method of collecting information is to ask the individual what he/she grows up. This is expressed interest, and the individual is simply asked to make a verbal statement of linking or disliking various activities or occupations.

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